MESM is now Avantor Clinical Services, delivering clinical trial equipment and ancillary solutions

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Working exclusively in the clinical trial sector, MESM offers easy access to a wide range of specialist products on a purchase or rental basis.

We have expert's who can advise and support the product selection that best meet your Clinical Ophthalmology protocol requirements. We work in collaboration with ophthalmic specialists Hakim Group to provide bespoke advice and recommendations as to how we can assist you with your trial. 

Based on your trial's protocol we can source equipment that is tailored to your needs as well as providing on site installation and training. 

MESM can also source specific consumables to aide you in your clinical trial, including areas such as;

- ETDRS Illuminator Cabinets, including multiple, individual ETDRS charts,

- Replacement bulbs for your illuminator cabinet, 

- Trial lens sets. We can also provide individual trial lens',

- Jackson Cross cylinders,

- Ophthalmic speculums,

- Ishihara colour tests.

Expert consultation for clinical trial equipment To ensure full compatibility and protocol compliance, MESM assigns an Account Manager to each customer. This specialist acts as a dedicated point of contact who has the expertise and knowledge to manage every aspect of medical equipment for your clinical trial, for small and large-scale studies. From consulting on study and procurement planning to addressing on-going ancillaries and clinical trial supply needs, the Account Manager ensures each customer enjoys a reliable and consistent product experience at every stage of the study’s life cycle.

Clinical research budgets protected Our all-inclusive service means customers benefit from substantial efficiencies in the sourcing, supply and management of clinical trials equipment. Working with MESM removes the need to secure products on an ad-hoc ‘per-unit’ basis from individual equipment manufacturers, meaning costs can be considerably lower over the full duration of a study.

Exceptional outcomes Catering for single and multi-centre studies, our dedicated suite of services has helped deliver successful outcomes for clinical trials across the globe; a fact reflected by MESM’s 99.9% success rate meeting customers’ SIV dates. For comprehensive information about how we can support your clinical trial, head to our Services page.

To speak with a dedicated Account Manager about your clinical trial needs, contact us today.