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MP-OE-D-8-L Mini Datalogger Thermometer with USB Cable

Escort Mini MP-OE-D-8-L Datalogger Thermometer
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Many high value life science products need to be transported in dry ice to ensure the efficiency of the product. If the dry ice does not maintain the critical temperature in the region of -80 deg C, these high value products will not be suitable for use. Typical products for dry ice shipments are principally associated with life science products, many of which are listed below:


  • Medical samples                                               
  • Ingredient medical samples                           
  • Animal and human tissue                                
  • Ingredients                                                       
  • Pharmaceutical products                                
  • Diagnostic specimens                                      
  • Organs
  • Biological products
  • Plasma
  • Serums
  • Enzymes
  • Clinical trials
  • Blood products



Range of measurement (-100°C to +40 °C) -148 of to +104 °F
LCD Operating Range (-20°C to +70 °C) -4 of to +158 °F
Sensors External sensor only
Accuracy Celsius: from -100 °C to -80 °C ±1.0 °C Fahrenheit: from -148 °F to -112 °F ±1.8 °F from - 80 °C to -10°C ±0.7 °C from -112 °F to +14 °F ±1.3 °F from -10°C to +40 °C ±0.6 °C from +14 °F to +104 °F ±1.0 °F
Resolution 0.1 °C or 0.1 ºF
Sensor response time External Sensor – T90 of 5 minutes in moving air
Memory Options 8032 readings
Software ESCORT Console
Sampling Frequency 5 seconds –18 hours
Time and date Real time clock accurate to 1 minute per month
Security Password protected
Power Source User replaceable lithium battery 3 V coin cell
IP Rating IP64 (with DB9 cap on)
Size 83 x 57 x 17 mm (excluding lug and external sensor)
Weight 70 grams (including battery)
Case Material Polycarbonate/ABS
Storage Temperature -40 °C to + 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
Typical battery life 1-2 years operating (depending on usage)
Buttons Green= active, Red = Alarm
Response Time Start & Stop button
Warranty 24 months, excluding batteries