Cultura M Incubator for Medical & Dental Diagnostics

Almedica Cultura M Incubator
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Cultura M is a small, durable and reliable incubator. Cultura M has been used for 10 years in the fields of medical and dental diagnostics, food bacteriology and hygeine monitoring, monitoring of coolants, lubricants and industrial liquids as well as industrial process.


Temperature range 25-45 ̊C
Temperature stability ± 1 ̊C
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power output 26 W / 0.2A
Protective Class II
Dimensions (mm) external: W: 310 H: 155 D: 168 internal: W: 220 H: 120 D: 150
Case Not easily flammable PC & ABS
Door PC transparent
Thermometer up to 60 ̊C, in special tube
Base cover ABS
Warranty 2 years from initial installation
Weight 1.1 kg