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Roche Cobas H232 Cardiac Analyser

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Roche Cobas H232 analyser facilitates your clinical decisions with rapid results. Thanks to its small, portable design, the Cobas H232 system can be easily deployed near the point of patient care where space & storage is tight.

Testing essentials

  • Troponin T in chest pain – the ‘Gold Standard’ biomarker whose detection is a strong indicator of myocardial damage
  • Myoglobin/CK-MB in chest pain – two biomarkers with diagnostic potential (re-infarction) early after the onset of symptoms
  • NT-proBNP in dyspnea – now widely used, this biomarker can improve the diagnostic accuracy of acute heart failure in patients presenting with ambiguous or confusing symptoms
  • D-dimer in venous thromboembolism – a reliable and sensitive biomarker for the exclusion of PE or DVT diagnosis in symptomatic outpatients

Benefits of the Cobas H232 System for clinical trials

  • For cardiovascular disease, diagnosis is time critical. Cobas H232 provides results in minutes not hours
  • Intuitive menu setup with icon-based interface reduces user delays
  • Lightweight, compact and portable: the instrument can be moved once the test strip has fully absorbed the sample