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Tosca 500 Respiratory Monitor Including Ventilation & Oxygenation

Radiometer Tosca 500 Respiratory Monitor
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Radiometer transcutaneous pCO2 and Masimo SET® SpO2 to monitor ventilation and oxygenation through a single sensor

  • Non-invasive tcpCO2 and SpO2 monitoring
  • Accurate SpO2 monitoring during motion and low perfusion
  • Real-time trending facility
  • Capability to download patient data
  • Easy and convenient use


Fault trigger Triggered in case of temperature circuit or monitor failure
Internal Battery Lead acid cell, 12 V/1.8 Ah, rechargeable
Internal Battery Lifetime Typical operating time: 1 hour
Monitor Dimensions HWD 5.3 x 10.5 x 11.8 inches
Weight 11.6 lb including gas cylinder
Display • 3-digit LED displays for pCO2, SpO2 and pulse rate • A 10-segment LED bar graph for plethysmogram • A graphic LCD (128 x 64 dots with LED back-light and adjustable contrast) for selectable parameter visualization mode, messages and alarms • User-selectable display mode for status, trend, plethysmogram and heating
Measurement Range • pCO2: 0-200 mmHg (0-25.0 kPa) • SpO2: 0-100 % • Pulse rate: 25-240 bpm • Perfusion Index: 0.02-9.99 % and 10.0-20.0 % • Heating power: 0-999 mW
Calibration • Fully automatic calibration • Typical calibration time in routine use: 2 min • Integrated calibration chamber with one gas calibrator
Site Timer • Clock triggers an alarm when the seleced measuring time has elapsed • Indication of remaining site time
Alarms • Adjustable low and high limits for pCO2, SpO2 and pulse rate • Audio and visual alarm indication
Safety • Instrument Class 1, type BF, defi brillator proof • Fulfi ls the requirements of MDD 93/42 • Extensive self-testing program
External Connections • 1 x 37-way connector with analog output, RS 423 communication and nurse call • 1 x 25-way connector with Centronics parallel interface • Equipotential ground
Patient Data Memory • Automatic storage of measured patient data over the last 72 hours • Reviewing trends on screen • Download of patient data to PCs
Power • 200-240 V, 100-120 V, 50-60 Hz, • External battery 12-24 V • 20 VA max. consumption