RTube Breath Condensate Collection Starter Kits

RTube Breath Condensate Collection Starter Kits
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The Rtube breath condensate collection device is designed for ease of use even by the unsupervised patient in the home, workplace, laboratory, hospital, or clinic.

This non-invasive handheld device is fully self-contained and disposable. As the subject breathes normally into the device, the Rtube gathers breath condensate in a transportable/mailable cartridge.

This unique feature allows for easy integration of the Rtube into existing studies and allows large amounts of EBC data to be collected with ease from subjects in the clinic, hospital, home, workplace, school, or any other reasonable environment. The simplicity and environmental flexibility of this collector offers the potential for rapid development of clinical diagnostics utilizing EBC pH and other biomarkers.

Expected consequence of exceeding storage requirement

  • Light stickiness in the duckbill valve
  • making the first exhalation attempt difficult
  • Easily resolved by performing Pre-Use


Mouthpiece Polyethylene
Tee Polyethylene
Check Valve Polyethylene housing, Polyisoprene Rubber disk
Tube Copolymer Polypropylene
Duckbi Silicone Rubber (FDA-approved Ingredients)
O-Ringll Valve PTFE (Teflon)
Endcaps Medical-grade Vinyl
Label * Mylar
Sleeve * N/A
Insulator * N/A
-Parts annotated with (-) do NOT contact condensate Performance Specifications
Duration of Collection -7 minutes, Child- 10 minutes
Volume of Condensate Collected -1000 microliters, Child- 700 microliters
Collection Temperature --20C, Child- -20C
Flow Resistance 0.20 cm H2O/liter
Temperature Non-Climate Controlled: 0C to 35C, Climate -15C to 25C
Shelf Life from Date of Manufacture Non-Climate Controlled: 10% to 90%, Climate Controlled: 30 Months