6800 Vitalograph Fleisch Type Pneumotrac with Spirotrac

Vitalograph Fleisch Type Pneumotrac
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Integrated PC-based precision spirometry Vitalograph Pneumotrac™ harnesses all the power of your networked PCs and Spirotrac V Software, and allows you to capture and disseminate spirometry data across your organisation.It features the reliable and robust Fleisch Pneumotach for the ultimate in accurate spirometry measurement. The Fleisch is widely recognised as the most accurate and reliable flow measuring technology in the world.

Enjoy the convenience of extensive connectivity via Spirotrac PC Spirometry Software Vitalograph Spirotrac® Software combines the power of your Windows® PC and your network, providing long-term storage of spirometry data, with test results being tracked and trended over time, to create a powerful disease management tool. Spirometry data can be transferred securely and accurately, making it instantly available at whichever PC it is required.

Accuracy when in Operating Range

Volumes: Better than ± 3% (Max 8L / Min 0.05L)
Flows: Better than ± 5% (Max 16L/s / Min 0.02L/s)
Linearity: ± 1% in range 0.1 L/s to 16 L/s


Product Vitalograph Pneumotrac with Spirotrac V
Model Number 6800
Size 164mm x 163mm x 167mm
Weight 0.58Kg
Operating Temperature Range 17- 37°C
Design Limits 10 - 40°C
Power supply From USB 2 port, 9V battery for hygiene fan
Flow Detection Principle Fleisch type pneumotachograph
Volume Detection Flow integration sampling @ 100Hz
Max Test Duration 20s FVC; 30s VC
Environmental Data Selectable temperature (built in sensor), barometric pressure, altitude & humidity
Parameters Displayed User selectable from: VC, IVC, IC, VT (TV), TLC, RV, IRV, ERV, FRC, FVC, FIVC, FEV1, FEV3, FEV6, FVC, FEV1/ VC, FEV1/FVC, FEV3/VC, FEV3/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, FEF75, FEF50, FEF25, FEF25-75, FEF25-75/FVC, FIV1, PIF, FIV1/
Test Types Single breath tests, flow/volume loops, multibreath testing, tidal breathing and combined VC/FVC type test methods supported
Predicted Values Selectable ERS/ECCS, NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund, Forsche, Gutierrez, Hedenström, Taiwan, Knudson, Crapo, Hsu, KNLW, Viljanen, SEPAR, Gulsvik, SBPT, Tamura, Ip, Quanjer, Wang, Dockery and more
Safety Standards IEC 60601-1:2005
Medical Safety Standard Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC 1993 (as amended)
Designed & Manufactured Under Performance Standards ISO 26782:2009, ISO 23747:2007, ATS/ERS 2005 ISO 13485:2003, FDA 21CFR820, CMDR
Processor Speed 1.73 GHz or faster
RAM 1Gb or greater
Disk Space 500Mb of free disk space plus 1Gb for .NET Framework V.2
Operating System Windows XP Pro SP2 or Windows 7
Monitor Min. screen resolution 1280 x 768 pixels
Other Mouse, USB port