Portable Vitalograph 2120 Spirometer

Vitalograph 2120 Portable Spirometer
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Looking for a portable spirometer with the capacity for storage of many test subjects? The powerful Vitalograph 2120 is the answer. The Vitalograph 2120 with the highly accurate Fleisch pneumotachograph gives you full spirometry capabilities in a portable package. The rechargeable battery allows the Vitalograph 2120 to be used anywhere.

With the ability to store up to 160 tests and automatically download to PC, PDF, internal or external printer, individual test or batches, the Vitalograph 2120 makes life simple for you. Optionally download directly to records on your normal subject database.

• Simple operation on the move – spirometry on site without PC

• Designed to store and download a whole days testing

• Optional internal/external printer, PDF reporting as standard

• Automatic test QA, audio feedback & interpretation

• Optional Spirotrac®  software available


Model Vitalograph 2120 Spirometer
Weight (Net): 1.85 Kg (Gross): 4.00 Kg
Size (Net) 270 x 250 x 177 mm (2120 & cradle) (Gross) 578 x 324 x 190 mm
Operating Temperature 40°C (ATS not reccom. testing below 17°C)
Parameters Measured Configurable 33 indices
Accuracy Better than +/-3% volume, +/- 5% flow
Flow Detection Fleisch No4 pneumotachometer
Back Pressure 0.07kPa/L/s at 14 L/s
Volumes Flow integration sampling at 100Hz
Max Recorded Volume Greater than 8 L
Linearity 1% linear range 0.1 L/s – 16 L/s
Test Duration 20 seconds FVC, 30 seconds VC
Precision Better than +/-1% volumes, certification
Drop Test 1m onto concrete (EN60601-1)