Seca 899 Scales with Cable Connected Display

Seca 899 Floor Scale with Cable Connected Display
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A two-meter-long cable connects the display with the weighing base. Advantage: the display can be set up separately from the base and read hand held, on the wall or desk. Additional convenience is supplied by the many extra weighing functions: BMI for nutritional conditions, HOLD to keep measurements displayed and TARE for weighing small children held in an adult’s arms. It is suitable for stationary or mobile use, thanks to its handle, compact size, low weight and a leveling base for set-up on all types of surfaces.


A mobile weighing and measuring system? There is such a thing – from seca of course. With the addition of the adapter element seca 437 for the measuring rod seca 217, the flat scales seca 899, seca 877 and seca 875 turn into a mobile and very stable 2-in-1 solution (p.50). Weighing and measuring can be done at the same time – with the same quality as with permanently installed equipment. The integrated handle and low weight make these scales easy to transport. 


Capacity 200 kg
Graduation Weight 100 g < 150 kg > 200 g
Weight 4.5 kg
Power supply Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor
Dimensions 321 x 60 x 356 mm / 288 x 60 x 278 mm dimensions platform
Cable length 2 m
Functions HOLD / BMI / Automatic switch-off / Mobile measuring / TARE