MicroFet 3 Dynamometer for Muscle Testing and Range of Motion

Hoggan MicroFet 3 Dynamometer
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The microFET3 Dynamometer & Inclinometer Combo is a dual-function medical device allowing you to accurately and scientifically measure Muscle Testing (MT) and Range-of-Motion (Rom). Now you can perform two evaluation functions using a single device when diagnosing and treating muscular disorders. The latest development in the field of diagnostic medicine, this dynamometer and inclinometer provides fast, accurate and reliable digital results.


Product Information

  •  Dual function Muscle Tester and Range-of-Motion gauge
  •  Highly portable, flexible and cost effective option for users of Muscle Testing and Range of Motion.
  •  Perform two evaluation functions using a single device 
  •  Easy to read LCD display for both force and angle measurements
  •  Provides fast, accurate, reliable and quantifiable results
  •  Wireless option eliminates cables, cords or wires
  •  For use as standalone or with our Clinical Software


Patent 6,792,801 and D490732
Size 6" x 8"
Weight Less than 1 lb
Measures in Pounds, Newtons or KGF
Two threshold settings for MT Low threshold - 0.8 lbs to 300 lbs in 0.1 lb increments High threshold - 3 lbs to 300 lbs in 0.1 lb increments
Load cell capacity 300 lbs MT accuracy within 1%, ROM accuracy within 1°
Warranty includes parts and labor plus 1st annual calibration - Extended warranty available
Self-activating sleep mode to extend battery life