CADD Legacy Infusion Pump for High-Rate & High-Volume Therapies

CADD Legacy Infusion Pump
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Infusion rates up to 125 milliliters, per hour and dose volumes up to 1,000 milliliters can accommodate high-rate, high-volume therapies. Longer delayed start time and expanded dosing parameters provide added flexibility in meeting complex therapy requirements. Internal clock designed to keep dosing on schedule.


Delivery Modes Continuous, Intermittent
Delivery Routes Intravenous, Intra-arterial, Subcutaneous, Intraperitoneal, Epidural, Intrathecal
Programming Units ml
Reservoir Volume 1 ml–9,999 ml or not in use
Continuous Rate 0.1–125 ml/hr
Intermittent Rate 0-125 ml/hr
KVO Rate 0-125 ml/hr
Dose Volume 0.1-1,000 ml
Dose Duration 1 min-24 hr
Dose Cycle 10 min-96 hr
Dose Starts In Immediate or 1 min-96 hr
Reservoir Volume 0-9,999 ml
Given (Volume Delivered) 0-99,999.95 ml
Dose Remaining 1 min-24 hr
Number of Events Last 1000 in pump’s history
Download Capability Direct or remote (modem) connection to PC
Software Compatibility CADD-DIPLOMAT® PC Communications
Air-in-line Detector High, Low, Off
Upstream Occlusion Sensor On, Off
Downstream Occlusion Sensor On
Cassette Detector On
Lock Levels 3
Size 1.6 x 3.8 x 4.4 in (4.1 x 9.5 x 11.2 cm)
Weight 13.8 oz (392 grams)
Power Source 2 AA alkaline batteries, AC adapter
Accuracy + 6%, nominal
Warranty 1 year