BodyGuard 545 Epidural Infusion Pump

CME Medical BodyGuard 545 Epidural Infusion Pump
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You and your patients can depend on the BodyGuard 545 Epidural Infusion Pump for safe epidural and intrathecal pain management.

  • The BodyGuard pumping mechanism ensures unparalleled accuracy and linearity of infusion, even at the lowest rates, to meet the standards of your most demanding specialities.
  • Adjustable air-in-line detection and occlusion pressure settings help to prevent nuisance alarms.
  • The automatic bolus rate adjustment optimises bolus delivery and prevents false occlusion alarms.
  • The Post Occlusion Bolus Reduction System (POBRS) will safely release pressure from the line, following an occlusion, without administering a potential post occlusion bolus

When you need a system which is quick and easy to use, allowing you more time for your patients

  • Intuitively designed for easy programming
  • 26 configurable medication protocols limit set up time and possible errors
  • The digital descriptive display guides you through the use of the pump When you need safety built in as standard so you can reassure your patients that they are in safe hands
  • The yellow fascia clearly denotes its intended use for epidural and intrathecal infusion


Description Piston mechanism, ambulatory infusion pump
Dimensions 114mm (height) x 90mm (width) x 40mm (depth)
Mains and battery power supply AC mains power: 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz. 0.3A max.
Battery Internal, rechargeable, Li-Polymer, 7.4V, 1800mAh (typical)
Battery life Approximately 20 hours @ 125ml/hr (Rechargeable)
Weight 280g without battery, 390g with battery
Low Battery Alerts Yes
Near end Alerts Yes
Air/Upstream Occlusion Alarm Yes
Down Occlusion Alarm Yes
Door Open Alarm Yes
Pump paused too long (unattended) Alarm Yes
End Program Alarm Yes
Low Battery Alarm Yes
End Battery Alarm Yes
Missing Key Alarm Yes
Restart pump Alarm Yes
System/technical problem Alarm Yes