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BioSURE HIV Self Test

Bio Sure Hiv
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Recent estimates report that only 54% of people with HIV know their HIV status (1). For clinical trials, this unknown factor can affect the speed of patient enrolment and the successful outcome of the study.

To address this, MESM have partnered with BioSURE, the first UK CE approved self testing for HIV, to provide all clinical trials with an accurate and reliable test, enabling sponsors to test subjects with confidence.

Benefits of self testing HIV for clinical trials

  • No central lab or specialist training required, the testing kit is individually boxed with all components and instructions required to perform a test, including buffers and reagents
  • Simultaneous detection of HIV 1 and HIV 2 with results in minutes from as little as 2.5ul blood sample via finger prick
  • 99.7% sensitive and 99.9% specific
  • Cost effective alternative to central lab testing

(1) fact sheet to the WHO consolidated guidelines on HIV testing services, July 2015