SU105U -85°C Ultra Low Storage Freezer (105 Litres)

Stirling Ultracold SU105U Ultra Low Storage Freezer
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The SU105U is ideal for personal storage or for use where larger volume ultra-low freezers remain half empty. The SU105U delivers full performance ultra-low storage for undercounter, benchtop or stacked installations.

Key Features

  • Stable Operation from -20°C to -86°C
  • Plugs into Any Outlet, Worldwide
  • Easily Transportable
  • Lightweight, Low Shipping Costs
  • Small Footprint, Efficient 3.7 cu.ft. (105 liter) Interior
  • Undercounter, Benchtop, Stackable


Application Storage of general (non-flammable) laboratory materials
Storage Volume 105 liters (3.7 cu.ft.)
Storage Capacity 72 standard 2" boxes in drawer racks, optional, available
Temperature Range -86ºC to -20ºC
Electric Power Universal power system 120V or 240V single phase 50 or 60Hz
Maximum Power (Current) 300 watts (3 amps @120V, 1.5 amps @240V)
Auto-Voltage Capability 85V to 264V, 50 or 60 Hz
Electric Supply Rating 15 amp or greater grounded circuit Power Plugs Supplied
NEMA 5-Interior (H x D x W) 533 x 432 x 457 mm | (21 x 17 x 18 in.)
Exterior (H x D x W) 864 x 711 x 686 mm | (34 x 28 x 27 in.)
Net Weight Empty 99 kg (220 lbs.)
Shipping Dimensions (H x D x W) 787.4 x 787.4 x 1041.4 mm | (31 x 31 x 41 in.)
Shipping Weight 121 kg (266 lbs.)
Security Lockable door Optional PIN requirement built in
Warm and Cold Alarms Fully adjustable
Event Log All alarms, door openings
Temperature Log 30 days available graphically