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HemoCue 501 HbA1c analyser

Hemo Cue
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HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System is a fast, easy and reliable point-of-care system for hemoglobin A1c tests. It is a fully automated HbA1c point of care test that provides reliable results straight away for efficient diabetes care.

Benefit of HbA1c501 system to clinical trials

  • Certified according to the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP)
  • The method used to test HbA1c levels is interference-free, which means it is unaffected by Hb variants
  • Consumables stable at room temperature avoiding the need for refrigeration controls
  • Easy to use onscreen instructions to simplify every step of the process
  • All-in-one kit to provide patients and healthcare professionals with direct feedback