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Our top 5 articles from 2017

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There have been some major changes and exciting advances in the clinical trial sector this past year. To round-up 2017, we’re taking a look at the most popular articles and topics covered by MESM’s staff writers.

The past twelve months have seen progressive leaps forward for the clinical trial sector. From the controversial Brexit result and its impact on clinical trials, to the adoption of mHealth and collaboration with global tech giants in AI and big data, the research sector has been moving towards a more unified and progressive future.

To investigate the topics which have caught your attention this year, we’re taking a look at the most popular thought leadership articles, resources and blog posts produced by MESM in 2017:

Top 5 posts of 2017

1. Adaptive clinical trials: an introduction

We explain what adaptive trials are and why they were developed, and we explore the advantages and concerns raised by the healthcare community.

2. Exploring the debate at the heart of regulation changes for clinical trials in the United States

There is a growing tension between the need for clinical trials to remain patient-centric and the need to maintain the pace of research and take advantage of new technologies. We examine these factors and consider how they can work symbiotically.

3. A guide to outsourcing clinical trial equipment

We share some insight and guidance for getting the most out of outsourcing equipment and ancillaries to a partner.

4. AI, big data and clinical trials – thoughts on the collaboration between Google’s DeepMind and Moorfields Eye Hospital

Taking Google’s collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital as an example, we consider the benefit of progressive new technologies for the clinical trial sector, and look at the issues raised in relation to informed consent and data privacy.

5. How medical equipment choices can benefit patients and improve clinical trial retention

Here, we take a detailed look at how the use of POCT equipment can have a material effect on the success of clinical trials, specifically as it relates to the challenges of participant retention.

It is clear that innovation will be a major feature of the clinical trial sector as it moves forward. Medical research sites and schemes continue to expand at a sensational rate and distribution partners are striving to keep up with this. At MESM we are ready to embrace another year of rapid progression and glad to work at the forefront providing medical researchers with exemplary equipment and support. 

We would like to wish everyone the best for the New Year and look forward to keeping you up to date with the most revolutionary changes, new trends, and compelling debates of 2018.