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We’ve been very busy lately at MESM – if you’ve been on the website you’ll probably have noticed we’ve just completed a redesign to make it easier to navigate and more useful for our customers. If this is your first time seeing the new website, have a look around!

One of the most exciting new elements is the addition of a dedicated resources section, featuring articles on a range of topics within clinical trials. We’ve got lots of pieces in the pipeline, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

We hope these resources will prove useful to a wide range of the different people involved in making clinical trials happen; whether you’re managing an active study, writing the protocol for a brand new trial, or closing down a site.

We’ve also launched this new blog where we’ll be posting shorter pieces, including sharing MESM’s point of view on important industry news.

To get you started, why not have a browse of some new pieces that are on the website right now:

- Read our take on artificial intelligence, big data and clinical trials

- Make sure your organisation is ready for the proposed changes to EU clinical trial regulations

- Read our five part article series on proposed changes to Federal regulations in the US (start here)

- Find out how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) could let you design smaller, more powerful diabetes trials

- Check out our 10 steps for managing global clinical trial logistics

- Boost your clinical trial recruitment by following our 5 patient-centric steps for planning a study

- Find out how your equipment choices can help improve subject retention in clinical trials

Is there a topic you’d like to see us cover? Let us know by emailing We want to create content that answers your questions and helps make your job easier, so all your feedback is welcome.

As well as the new resources section, you can now browse a selection of the major categories we hold in stock out of our range of 25,000+ products – saving valuable searching time and allowing you to view a variety of solutions together for easy comparison. We’ve also got a new intelligent search function that displays results from our product listings as well as blogs and articles.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for on the website or you’re not sure exactly what you need, give us a call on +44 (0) 1772 425 985 or email and an experienced account manager will be able to help you make the right choices for your clinical trial.

This isn’t the end of the work we’re doing to make sure our website offers the best possible experience for our customers. If you want to stay updated, sign up for our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page.